How to book a seat at your canteen/dining area

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August 25, 2021


How it works:

        Click on the Canteen icon on the home screen to fill out the canteen booking form:

               • The building shown is by default your preferred location. You can change this as required.

                • The date shown by default is the current date. You can change the date as required.

                • You may make bookings X number of days in advance. This is defined by your organization. Please check with the administrators.

                • Canteen shifts are shown with the duration of each one.

                • You can view the availability of seats in each shift.

                • You can make a random booking (automated seat allocation) or search and select a specific seat. This is defined by your  organization. Please check with the                   administrators.

                • Once at the seat, if check-in is required (again defined by your organization), you will have to check-in to confirm the occupation and allow traceability.

                • If check-in is required, the seatwill be released automatically if check-in is not done in the time specified by your organization.

                • If you do not occupy your seat, you can cancel it so another user can book it as it becomes available on that shift.

                • You can also edit your booking and view the seat on the map at any time.

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