Meeting Space Bookings

Learn here how to make a meeting space booking

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August 26, 2021

Meeting Space Bookings


  • First the title is entered, the guests are added and you select whether they are required or optional. Then we move on to the booking form.

Subcategories have been previously defined by your organization.
  • The subcategory you see on the form is the one defined by default. If there is more than one you can select the one that is necessary.
  • The building and floor displayed on the booking form is, by default, your preferred location and floor. This can be changed from "My Profile".
  • The equipment serves as additional filtering. It is not mandatory.
  • The date and time shown in the default booking form is the current date and the time closest to the current one in 15-minute timeframes. You can change the date and time as needed.

You can make bookings X number of days in advance. This is defined by your organization.
  • A standard reservation can be made (selecting a date and time) and searching for a specific resource on the map, or you can search for a space using a range of dates: by selecting the start date and time and end date and time, Bookker will display in a list all the available spaces. Choosing one of them completes the     booking.
  • Once you are in the space, if check-in is required (again defined by your organization), you will have to confirm the occupation and thus allow traceability.
If check-in is required, the space will be automatically freed up if the check-in is not done within the time specified by your organization.
  • Check-in can be done by the organizer only or the organizer and the guests. This is defined by your organization.

NOTE: If the guest to a meeting does not check "I will attend" or "maybe", the check-in button does not appear.  (In addition, the option "any guest" must be selected in the office rules of the admin panel).

  • If you do not occupy the space, you can cancel it so that another user can book it.
  • You can also edit your booking and view the space on the map at any time.

The booking form will show all the space and booking details including the guests and their acceptance status, the equipment and, where appropriate, videoconference links to the meetings.


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