1-Click Bookings

How to activate 1-click and book

Last update
April 20, 2021

You can enable this feature so that you can make random desk bookings directly with the values entered in the profile.

To activate this service and add a shortcut button on the Home screen, click on the My Profile button from the tab bar.

  • From the menu, select Preferences.
  • Turn on 1-click Booking.
  • Select whether it's an all-day booking or, if you prefer to set a time range, select the start and end time.
  • Go back to the Home screen and you will see that you have a shortcut button called "1-click booking".
  • Click this button and it will automatically make a random desk booking within the entered time range. If that time has already passed, it will make the booking for the next day.

The booking will appear as a record in the Your Bookings for Today section or in the Bookings tab bar if it is for tomorrow.

The 1-click booking will assign you a random desk within the range of hours entered in My Profile.
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