Advance space bookings

Advanced space bookings

Last update
April 26, 2022

For spaces bookings, you can now search for a space by selecting ALL buildings or ALL floors.

  • Building selector: The option of "ALL BUILDINGS" is added only if there is more than one value.
  • Floor selector: The option of "ALL FLOORS"  is added only if there is more than one value. This disappears if "ALL BUILDINGS" is selected in the building selector.
  • The time selector will display the time zone of the first building     that is consulted among those selected.

The DATE RANGE option is HIDDEN if "ALL buildings" and/or "ALL floors" is selected.
  • 10 results will be returned.
  • The maps for each floor do NOT appear, only the list where the room location, name and capacity will be shown.
  • The space that belongs to a different time zone from the one used for the search, will be returned with its correct time and a parenthesis displaying the UTC info.


Within "My Profile > Preferences" you can:

  • Select preferred building: "ALL BUILDINGS"
  • Select preferred floor: "ALL FLOORS"


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