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This functionality allows organizations to use advanced searches in the Spaces category by selecting a country, county, location(city/town/municipality), building and/or floor. The Bookker team must be notified to activate this functionality.

Last update
July 11, 2022



If this functionality is activated in your organization, the COUNTRY, COUNTY,LOCATION, BUILDING and FLOOR dropdowns will be displayed in the SPACES category preferences. If it is NOT activated, only BUILDING and FLOOR will be displayed.


  • The COUNTRY, COUNTY and LOCATION dropdowns will be displayed with the default caption "Select a... " until a selection has been made.
  • The building and floor dropdowns by default will show "All buildings" and "All floors".
  • These dropdowns will have to be filled in from top to bottom, i.e., until I do not fill in Country I CANNOT fill in County, and so on.  
  • If, once completed, a dropdown at the top is modified, the bottom dropdowns are "reset" and have to be re-selected.
  • If there is only one value in any of the 5 dropdowns, this value is shown by default.
  • Only one country can be selected in the country dropdown.
  • Multi-selection is not allowed on any of these dropdowns.


  • First of all you will see the "Space Type" dropdown.
If there are no previously selected values in Preferences, "Select a..." appears in all dropdowns except Building and Floor that would show "All...".


Country dropdown:

  • Does not appear in case of only having one value.
  • Only one can be selected.
  • If nothing is selected in preferences, "Select a country" is displayed.
  • The values will be sorted alphabetically.
  • A search field is included.


The time zone is not displayed until the country has been selected.


County,Location, Building and floor dropdowns - similarities:

  • These dropdowns appear even if they only have one value.
  • If nothing has been selected in preferences, "Select a ... "  is shown except in Building and Floor that will show "All...".
  • Each selector allows you to select "All..." (counties, locations, buildings, floors) unless only one value exists.
  • If "All..." is selected on one of the dropdowns, the dropdowns displayed below it on the form will disappear.
  • These dropdowns allow multi-selection. In the case of “Floor”, only when a single building has been selected.
  • A search field is included.
  • The values are sorted alphabetically.

Location dropdowns(City/Town/Municipality) -specific:

  • If 2 or more locations are selected, the Building and Floor dropdowns disappear.      

Building dropdowns- specific:

  • If 2 or more buildings are selected, the Floor dropdown disappears.      



Clicking on the SEARCH button will give back the search results:

In the event that more than one value (multi-selection) or "ALL…" has been selected, the results will be displayed in a list, and NOT as a floor plan.

Each cell in the results list will include a "View map" button (if the floor plan exists).

The results list is sorted alphabetically by:


X number of results, previously configured by the organization, will be returned (between 3 - 20).

If you don´t see the resource you´re looking for in the search results, change the selection criteria.

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