Desk booking

Find out how to make desk bookings in different ways according to your needs

Last update
March 16, 2021

Desk booking from the home screen

You can make a desk booking based on location, date, time, and characteristics of the resource that best suits you. To do this, you'll need to click on the button to add a desk booking from the Home section of the app.

If you don't see the button to add a desk booking from the home screen, it may be because your organization hasn't activated desk bookings from Bookker, or because you haven't been included in a group of users with assigned desks for booking.

Booking form

The first step in making a booking is to complete the fields according to the criteria that best fit your needs:

  • Building
  • Floor
  • Subcategory: Your organization can have different types of desks, choose the one you want to book.
  • Characteristics: here you can select equipment that you need the desk to provide.
  • All day     booking: enable this option if you need the desk throughout the day.
  • Starts: booking start date and time.
  • Ends: booking end date and time.
  • Time zone
  • Repeat: here you can select other dates for which you want to repeat the booking.

Once the fields have been reviewed, you can search for available desks according to your criteria.

Search results

Available desks for the floor entered are displayed on a map or in a list. Within any of the two views you can select a desk and click Book to complete your booking.

You may not be able to see your search results on a map. This is because your organization hasn't yet uploaded a map for the floor you've entered.

Desk booking from the Search button

From the Search section, you can browse through the different buildings and floors in your organization and select a desk to view its availability and make a booking.

Desk booking from the scanner button

Using the scanner directly on the desk postercode you can view its availability and then book.

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