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Welcome to Bookker! Here you will find the keys to get and access the Bookker app

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March 17, 2021

Downloading Bookker

Your organizationhas probably already contacted you to tell you that you have a new tool with which you can easily book the different workspaces and resources of the organization.

If your organization is already using Bookker, you will have received an email to give you access to the app.

Bookker is available from the App Store and Google Play to download for free. However,your organization needs to be a Bookker user and have your user account registered to access the app.

Before you install the Bookker app, make sure that your iOS or Android version is compatible with the app. You can view this information from App Store and Google Play.

Once installed, when the app is first launched, your operating system will ask you forpermission to give access to the app to some tools on your device. All access permissions requested are uniquely and directly related to the features offered by Bookker for the management and booking of your organization's resources.

Accessing Bookker for the first time

Once the Bookkerapp is installed, to sign in you must first enter your corporate email for Bookker to recognize the organization you want to access.

Then you need to enter your password to log in and go to the app's home screen.

If you've made a mistake entering your email, you can click "Sign in with another account" to enter another email. By clicking on "Forgot password?" you will receive an email in the account associated with your Bookker user to generate a new password.

Accessing Bookker with a Microsoft account

If your organization uses Microsoft as an internal management tool, entering your Bookker email will redirect you to Microsoft to enter your login credentials. Once authenticated successfully, you'll return to Bookker with your session logged-in.

Privacy policies

If you're accessing Bookker for the first time, before accessing the home screen, Bookker's privacy policy will be displayed next to your organization's privacy policy, as long as your organization has set up a privacy policy to display.

In order to continue accessing the app, you will need to read and accept the privacy policies shown here. In case you do not agree with any of them, you can exit Bookker directly from this same view. Once you have accepted the privacy policies, you can re-consult them whenever you want from the app profile.

The privacy policies of both Bookker and your organization can be updated regularly. Each time an update is registered, you'll be notified from the app and you'll need to re-read and accept them to continue using the app. If you don't agree with something, you can exit Bookker from this same view.

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