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March 17, 2021



Any area, whether on an individual or collective level, of your organization intended for the use of its members.


Individual bookable resource intended for work.


Collective bookable resource, usually intended for meetings, presentations or collective work sessions. Example: a meeting room.


Refers to individual bookable vehicle parking resources. They are normally bookable according to morning, afternoon and/or all day shifts.


Refers to individual bookable resources for breakfast or lunch. They are bookable according to time slots/shifts determined by the organization.


Equipment that can be assigned to a resource, such as a projector or air conditioning.


A set of resources that a user can access if they belong to the group.



Blocking the availability of a resource for a period of time for the enjoyment of the organizer and their guests, in the case of a space.


Creator of a booking for any type of resource.


User who has not organized a space booking but has been invited to attend.

Supervised booking

Booking of one or more resources organized by an Organization Team Leader (the supervisor) that can be assigned to another user.


Team leader organizer of a supervised booking.

Booking detail

Includes all available information and options for a booking that you've organized, supervised,or been invited to.


Confirmation of the start of the booking, which means the booking has started (active booking). It is done in a period delimited for this purpose by the organization, which will begin from a few minutes before to a few minutes after the booking start time. Check-in is necessary to officially start the booking and therefore not expire. Depending on different factors, there are bookings where the check-in is done automatically.


Sticker with a unique code available for each resource in your organization. It allows you to use the Bookker scanner to check-in immediately, or to know the availability of the resource.


Functionality that allows you to use the camera of the device where Bookker is running, to checkin. It also allows you to know the availability of the resource.


Confirmation of the end of a booking. Check-out is done automatically once the end-of-booking time is reached but it can be done manually if the booking ends before the end time, which leaves the resource available to other users.

Booking states

Pending booking

A booking that has entered the check-in period, and is required for it to start.

Active booking

A booking where the check-in has already been done and therefore officially started.

Expired booking

A booking where the period available for check-in has ended, and therefore leaves the resource available for other users to book.

Completed booking

A booking where the check-out was done, either automatically because it reached its end time or because it was done manually.

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