Parking Bookings

How to book a parking space

Last update
May 13, 2022

Parking space booking

You can book more than one parking space ONLY if they belong to a different type of parking space.

That is, you can book a space with an electric charger and a "normal" one within the same timeframe.

  • From the Home screen, click on the Parking module.
  • Fill in the form details. If configured by your organization, you'll need to select a vehicle.
  • Select the date and time: the shifts shown have been previously created by your organization.
  • If your organization allows you to select more than one parking shift in the same booking, you can book more than one shift as long as they are consecutive
  • To book a non-consecutive shift , another booking will have to be created.
  • Select if you want to repeat the booking for other days.
  • If the space allocation is random, click on BOOK and you will be assigned a space taking into account the criteria entered.
  • If the space allocation uses the map/list, click on SEARCH, select the space and book.
  • To cancel the booking, click on the record created in the Home screen and click on "Cancel".

When selecting two shifts, all those included in between are also selected.

To see where your space is located on the map, click on the record created in My Resources for Today or on the Bookings tab bar (for future bookings) and select View Map.

If your organization has decided that you need to check-in, you can also check out from here.

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