Supervised desk booking

Supervised bookings allow you to make multiple desk bookings for the same period, being able to make bookings for an entire team

Last update
March 17, 2021
The creation of supervised bookings is only available to users with the Supervisor role.

To create a supervised booking, you must click on the shortcut available from the Home screen.

Booking form

The first step when making a booking is to complete the fields according to the criteria that best fit your team's needs:

  • Title: to inform your team of the purpose of this booking.
  • Building
  • Floor
  • Subcategory: Your organization can have different types of desks, choose the one you want to book.
  • Characteristics: here you can select equipment that your team needs the desk to provide.
  • All day     booking: enable this option if you need the desk throughout the day.
  • Starts: booking start date and time.
  • Ends: booking end date and time.
  • Time zone
  • Repeat: here you can select other dates for which you want to repeat the booking.
  • Optional     check-in: enable this option if you want the check-in to not be mandatory and therefore each desk booking never expires (so these desks are not available for other users during the booking period).

Once you have reviewed the fields you can search for available desks according to the criteria entered.

Search results

Available desks for the floor entered are displayed on a map. From this map you must select all those resources that you want to book. Once the selection is made, click Book to start assigning a user to each one.

To assign a user, click the desk again, find the user in your organization and select. From here you can also select yourself to assign yourself to the desk. You can also add external users from your organization by entering their email address.

If you enter external users, they will be registered within your organization and receive an email inviting them to access the app.

Click Finish to complete the booking. Your team members will receive an email notifying them of the booking.

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