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Last update
March 18, 2021

The navigation bar

Bookker distributes its contents in different sections so that the user can easily access what they need and know at all times where they are. These sections are available in a navigation bar on the left of the screen. On tablet and mobile devices you can show and hide it from the menu icon on the top bar of the screen.


Bookker´s mainscreen where you land when you enter the webapp.

From here you can:

  • View and access upcoming bookings you have for today.
  • Directly access some features that will be determined by your organization.
  • Add bookings for different types of resources.

Both the direct access and the buttons to add bookings will depend on the Bookker settings determined by your organization.


From this section you will have access to all bookings that you have created or to which you have been invited, ordered by start time. You can filter them according to the type of booking and resource, and you will be able to access the details of each one.

From the record you can view thebooking details and perform some actions that will be available or notdepending on certain aspects such as the organizer, the proximity to the startof the booking or the settings established by your organization.



This section allows you to search for users and resources in your organization.

From here you can know the availability of users based on their bookings for the day, as well as any resources in your organization, and begin the booking process from here.

My profile

The area where you can view and manage your work calendars, available resources and preferences regarding the use and behaviour of the webapp.

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