Change of resource within the same SPACE booking

This article shows you step by step how to change the resource in a SPACE booking.

Last update
November 28, 2022


  • This only applies to the SPACES category.
  • The following parameters can be modified in the edit form: Title, Description, Location (type of space, building, floor, capacity and equipment), attendees, date,  start and end times.
  • If the advanced search module is enabled in your organization, changing the location will also allow you to filter by country, county, or city.
In the case of synchronization with Microsoft you can ONLY change the resource to another that has the same synchronization settings.


  1. Selecting "Edit booking" displays the following window:

To change the resource we select the "location" field which in turn will open a new modal window where the following fields will be displayed: type of space, building, floor, equipment and capacity.

  • These fields will show the values of the booking being edited EXCEPT for equipment and capacity that will be empty.  
  • If the advanced search module is enabled in your organization, the country, county and city fields will also be displayed.


  1. Clicking on SEARCH in the previous view will show us the results in a map or list view.
  2. Selecting a new resource will show us the resource details where we can view the name, location, capacity and equipment.
  3. Click on SELECT and it will take us to the first editing screen.
No changes will be saved until "SAVE" is pressed in the 1st editing screen of the edit form.

Editing process views

If editing is successful

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