Ready to keep the security on the way back to the office

Bookker's functionalities will allow you to establish criteria on your users and resources so you can implement the measures recommended by health authorities much more easily.

Maintain social distancing
Manage your work desks so that users can only reserve seats without other contiguous users.
Control the attendance for meeting rooms
Limit the maximum capacity for each room according to its size, so we can always ensure the safety distance between users.
Manage the number of remote users
Limit the maximum number of users in the office and create attendance groups so always the same people will be together. This is very useful in case of preventive quarantines.
Track every user
You will be able to know the route of each user in case he falls ill: which days he has attended, resources he has used, with whom he has shared spaces, etc.
Ensure complete disinfection
Foresee when a space will need to be disinfected and provide extra time between reserves to carry out the corresponding disinfection.
Ensure a parking space for each assistant
Reinforce the protection of each user who comes to the office by being able to ensure them a parking space in the organization's car park.
COVID-19: Managing a new scenario

The solution for the new reality of work

Manage your organization's resources in teleworking scenarios.

Teleworking is here to stay. It attracts and retains talent through a work life balance, it leads to great savings on property costs and it is the only possible solution in public health crises such as that of COVID-19.

Integrating teleworking with space management

Bookker helps organizations to correctly implement teleworking by integrating it with workspace management (rooms, desks and parking spaces) based on efficiency and sustainability criteria, thus democratizing the use of these resources and ensuring their highest performance.


Editable profile with a customizable status (from home, with a client, on a trip, etc.)
Access to virtual meetings
Booking of locations manageable from anywhere
Check‑in of working hours

When accessing a desk in an office

Automatic allocation of desk when entering the building
Viewing of desks on a map and immediate booking
Management and viewing of bookings for teams and collaborators
Fast check-in through augmented reality with a smartphone or through web app

When accessing a parking space

Manageable space allocation and lending for a democratized use
Management and organization of spaces according to established groups
Easy use of electric vehicles

A user profile adapted to various work statuses

Having a public profile in the app allows users' statuses to be managed and shared based on the organization’s needs and setup.

Automatic allocation of status based on temporary criteria (teleworking, hot‑desking, on vacation, etc.)
Manual setup of statuses (with a client, on a trip, sick, etc.)
Calendar viewing of automatic statuses allocated by the organization
Access to groups assigned by the organization and information about resources available for the user
Access to Bookker’s incentive program points

All your resources at hand

Bookker’s management dashboard allows the organization to set up its resources and user profiles in a fast and easy manner.

Creation and modification of terms of use for resources and users.
Setup and management of user profiles with calendars for teleworking, hot‑desking and vacation.
Design and application of parking space allocation logics.
Real‑time access to space booking and use metrics.

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